Transform yourself with Real Water™!

Affinity's Real Water™ is the Only Stabilized Alkalized, Negative ORP, Antioxidant Water on the market today.

Through a proprietary process called the Electron Energized or E2 technology™, Affinity has figured out how to maintain and stabilize the negative (-) Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and we guarantee it!

Is the water you’re drinking slowly killing You?

Did you know that most of the water you drink every day may actually be damaging your health.  And it’s not just plain water, how about juice, tea, coffee, soda?  You see, nearly everything we drink has water as its’ foundation.  And, this also includes you!  Your body is over 70% water.  So doesn’t it make sense, that you drink water and use water based products that help improve your health instead of harm it?  Of course it does.

Here’s the situation.  Most water and water-based products we drink and use have two very common problems.  First, the water has been damaged.  Before it gets to you, it has traveled through pipes, filtration devices, and various systems.  During these travels, it has been stripped of electrons (-).  The result is water that is positive (+) ionized.  Second, the water is very acidic.

Positive (+) Ionized Water is Unhealthy!

When water molecules are missing an electron (now positive ionized), the molecules, which are two (2) hydrogen and one (1) oxygen - H2O, start to share the missing electron. They borrow an electron from each other, causing the water molecules to clump. This creates a problem because now your cells have difficulty absorbing such a large clumped molecule.

You see, our cell walls have these little channels in them called aquaporins. The aquaporins are the “gatekeepers” that decide what is allowed in our cells and what isn’t allowed in our cells. These aquaporins don’t like clumped and positive ionized water molecules in. And for good reason, they are basically free radicals that will damage the cells!

Since most water carries a high positive (+) charge, the aquaporins keep the water out. So even though you are drinking a lot of water, you probably are not hydrating very well on a cellular level. But this isn’t the worse part, what about those pesky free radicals.

The next thing that happens is that the positively (+) charged molecules want to steal electrons (-) from other molecules in our bodies.  This is what causes free radical damage.  A free radical is a positive ionized particle (+) that robs electrons (-) from our cells.  They literally zap or pull away life force from the cell. Then once damaged, the cells start to allow unwanted toxic material and crud to attach itself inside our bodies.

When the life force keeps being robbed, toxins start accumulating at various areas throughout the body.  This results in premature aging and an environment that allows disease to take hold.  That is why there is such a buzz in the media and nutritional communities about anti-oxidants.  Anti-oxidants provide the extra electrons (-) to stop the zapping of life force and stealing of electrons from our healthy cells.

Acidic Water is Unhealthy / Alkaline Water is Healthy!

The second major problem with most of the water that we drink is that it is very acidic.  More acid in our bodies is not good.  In fact, many nutritionists believe that most diseases flourish and grow rapidly in an acidic environment.  And guess what?  Nearly all processed, sugary, fried and preservative-ridden foods are very acidic.  As opposed to these “processed” foods, most fresh vegetables are alkaline.  Well, what do you think our diets consisted of 100 years ago?  That’s right, fresh vegetables which are more alkaline.  The same nutritionists also believe that most disease will not grow in an alkaline environment.

Real Water™ with E2™ is the Solution!

Affinity’s E2™ – Electron Energized technology provides a solution to both of these major problems.  First, the E2 technology™ adds hundreds of millions of free electrons to the water through a proprietary technology that is both stable and natural.  This changes the water from positive (+) ionized (which is bad) to negative (-) ionized (which is good).  The transformation is measured in millivolts (mV) by an ORP meter.  ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential.   When the water is negatively (-) ionized, it unclumps and actually becomes an antioxidant water that actively looks for and neutralizes free radicals!  Additionally, your cells aquaporins will eagerly accept the negatively (-) ionized unclumped molecules on a cellular level and provide your body maximum hydration.

We must caution you, your cells may have been literally starving for hydration for a long time (even though you drink a lot of water).  With the E2™ Water Concentrate added to your water, the cells hydrate quickly and start to throw out all the accumulated toxins and other crud that they have been storing for a long time.  This can result in flu-like symptoms.  So take it slow at first.  However, once you get through this initial period, you will have never felt better!

The Affinity Water is fantastic. It is not like anything I've ever used before. I feel energized and centered. Intuitively I know this is perhaps the most important product I've ever consumed. High quality water is essential to great health and well-being. There is simply no getting around that fact. The third day on the water, I TRIPLED my time and number of burned calories running on the treadmill. After running one solid hour and burning 750 calories, there was no feeling of exhaustion and tiredness; I could have kept going! I highly recommend everyone make Affinity Water a required part of their health and fitness regime. There is simply no substitute. Asante!

Mark J., Oxnard, CA


The second major problem is solved also.  The E2™ technology actually changes the ph of your water.  It goes from the bad acidic ph to a much better alkaline ph.  Now, the water you drink will make your body alkaline and help your body resist disease.  This also can be measured by a simple ph test.

Simply add a milliliter of Affinity’s Water Concentrate with the E2™ technology to 8 oz’s of pure water and transform your water into a stable enhanced water that is negatively ionized and alkaline.  You can also add the Water Concentrate to teas, coffee and juice.  Or, just grab a bottle of ready to drink Real Water and give your body what it needs for optimal health!


With Real Water™ you will taste and feel the difference!